We're looking for Senior Software Engineers with experience in game development and/or emulation for consoles.

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Emulation Engineer

Must Have:

  • Passion for retro gaming and legacy hardware
  • Expert knowledge of C/C++
  • Strong problem solving abilities
  • Enjoy performance and memory optimization, low-level constraints and programming tradeoffs.
  • Experience developing cross-platform software for Game Consoles and Desktop PCs
  • Excellent online communication skills - expert at Slack, remote presentation, constructive code reviews

Nice To Have:

  • Experience with game emulation or cross platform ports
  • Experience with reverse engineering
  • Have a good ability to read assembly code and write some.
  • Understanding of modern GPU rendering pipelines

Our Values

Learn about our Vision, Mission, Values, and Company Culture.

What is Implicit Conversions about?
At Implicit Conversions, our devotion to the world of gaming extends beyond technology; it’s a commitment to preserving gaming history that has woven countless memories for players worldwide. Our team is bound together by a shared passion for the immersive and nostalgic experiences offered by video games. Recognizing the unique cultural significance of the PlayStation Portable (PSP) and the treasured games it brought to life, we embark on the journey of porting these classics to the modern realms of PS4 and PS5.

It is not just a technical venture for us; it’s a mission rooted in reverence for the stories, the characters, and the joy these games have imparted to gamers over the years. Implicit Conversions is determined to bridge the gap between the past and the present, ensuring that the magic of these titles continues to captivate new generations of players.

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Is it Full-time or Part-time?
It’s flexible. If you are in the US or Canada, we can hire you as employees. For everywhere else in the world, we’ll bring you as a self-employed or contractor.

100% Remote OK?
Yes. We trust those we hire, otherwise why hire them? We have always been 100% remote

What are the perks?

  • Video games == fun
  • Fully remote workplace    
  • Dress code is “whatever you’re comfortable in”
  • Flexible working hours – as long as you get the job done, we’re happy!
  • Unlimited vacation (e.g. untracked)
  • Neuro-diverse friendly and welcoming environment
  • Being a startup, we’re quick and nimble.  Got a great idea?  Let’s do it!
  • Super-awesome team of individuals – seriously great people!