Coming toPlayStation in 2024

Originally published on the NES and PC, Micro Mages is coming to the PS4 and PS5 with all new features:

* Trophies
* Network Play
* Wide Screen Support
* And More!

About the Game

Micro Mages is a platform game originally created for the NES for 1 to 4 players.

Slip into your wizard robes and enter the Demon Fortress, home of great treasure and ghastly creatures alike...

Micro Mages Boss Fight


Shoot magic spells at enemies and use wall jumps to climb to the boss fight at the top of each tower.

Fairy Shield: Get hit once without dying.

Seagull Feather: Allows you to hover in the air for a few seconds.

Ghost Mode: As long as at least one player is alive, you won't lose a life. Dead players will turn into ghosts and can freeze enemies to help their comrades. Ghosts can also destroy crates and treasure chests in hopes of finding a Fairy or Seagull Feather that brings them back to life.


* 8 worlds spanning a total of 26 levels

* Up to 4 simultaneous players

* If you die in multiplayer mode, you'll turn into a ghost so you can help your friends

* Power up with Fairies and Magical Seagulls

* Spooky boss battles and hidden secrets!

* Checkpoints and password function

Micro Mages Gameplay

Trailer and Documentary


About Morphcat Games

Morphcat Games is a 2-man team dedicated to bringing new games to old hardware.

Julius created Morphcat Games in 2011 when he released the NES demo Super Bat Puncher. He made other games during game jams and also composes music on his free time. On Micro Mages, he did the programming, created tools for optimization as well as music and sound effects.

Nicolas joined Julius during the game jam Ludum Dare 32 and together they created a tiny NES game named Banana Nana. On Micro Mages, he made the graphics, level design and illustrations (box and instruction booklet).