Chatting about retro games on The Gaming Persona podcast

Recently, Implicit Conversions CEO Robin Lavallée sat down with Dr. Daniel Kaufmann on The Gaming Persona podcast to chat about classic games and…

🕹 The challenges of re-creating classic games, like…

  • Do you keep it “true” or update with modern features?
  • Do you keep the control system?
  • How do you deal with licensing, old brands and logos?
  • Do you preserve legacy bugs?
  • How do you localize content for broader reach?

🕹 The importance of preserving games; the history; the nostalgia, and introducing classic games to today’s audience who have never played them.

🕹 The reason why Japanese versions of the same game are easier to speedrun?

🕹 The importance of form-factor (console VS PC ports)

🕹 How do you choose which games to emulate?

🎮 Obligatory Baldur’s Gate 3 discussion, plus the beauty of Sea of Stars

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